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Licensed & Insured – CA LIC# 754886


We take pride of being the smallest pipe bursting, pipe lining, and full plumbing service company in Colfax CA. By being small we are been able to keep track of the quality and workmanship to make sure all work in Colfax is completed at the highest level possible. Being small also allows us to build and maintain great relationships with our Colfax customers during and more importantly after the job is completed. We have worked hard to establish the reputation that we have and depend on. We pride ourselves on OLD SCHOOL practices with new school technology and have had the privilege to work with companies such as Teichert, Under Ground Construction, Ghilotti Bros, O.C. Jones and Sons, Mondavi Winery and many. If those companies trust us, your can too! Our fearless leader Ryan works in the ditches along side our guys to guarantee you the best quality of service. Karen, Ryan’s wife, handles all administrative tasks as well as client relations. So you can rest assured that if there is ever a complaint Ryan will be notified and will deal with the matter personally to ensure highest level of quality.



Curred in Place pipe lining is fast, easy and affordable for homeowners and small business. Cleanup time only takes hours avoiding an excavation mess.



The new way of replacing your pipes is through trenchless sewer line replacement. It is more convenient than digging up old pipe and replacing it by hand. Learn More



The modern way of replacing your pipes is through trenchless sewer line replacement. It is significantly more convenient than digging up the old pipe and replacing it by hand.

Installations that we have completed safely and on time using trenchless methods, both pipe bursting and CIPP pipe lining. Below is a list of different jobs we have complete both by ourselves and subcontracting. In most cases the different methods were used on rotted Cast Iron pipe, broken Clay pipe and collapsing Orangeburg pipe. Our proven track record gives you an idea of what our small company is capable of completing both on larger and smaller jobs:

  • Sewer Treatment Plants, Storm Drains, Sewer Drains, Roof Drains & Pipe Upsizing
  • Milk Plants, Dairy, Soda Plants
  • Historical Building Roof Drains
  • Police Station, Casinos & Hospitals
  • Train Station & Yards, Zoo, Jails & Schools
  • Restaurants, Wineries, Convenient Stores, Coffee Shops

What Our Colfax Customers Can Expect:

  • Clean and professional service.
  • No salesman or pressure to sign a contract.
  • A complete price GUARANTEE in writing with no change orders or additional price increases in most cases on smaller jobs.
  • Access to the owner in case of any problems or questions.
  • I guarantee that, while working with us during any process that we will do as much as we can to make it as Stress Free as possible. – Ryan Petersen, Owner, Affordable Trenchless and Pipe Lining

While other companies tell you what they can do, these are some of the jobs that we have done.

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