Sacramento Trenchless Sewer Repair

Pipe Bursting

Digging up your yard and the possibility of damage to your yard’s landscaping can now be prevented with pipe bursting. Pipe bursting is a unique method of trenchless sewer replacement that uses a large drill-type head that is mechanically using a steel cable through your old sewer line. The old pipe is split apart underground and not on your driveway or lawn. Simultaneously the pulling into place of a new piple that is the same size or larger than the old pipe.

Pipe Bursting Has Real Benefits

  • Large savings compared to other methods of sewer line replacement
  • All repairs happen out of the site of your front yard and saves on yard repair.
  • Your sewer pipes are replaced with a higher-quality and longer-lasting pipe.

How Does It Work?

  1. We locate the problem by using a small sewer camera
    By running a camera through your sewer main lines we can quickly identify the damage to your sewer line. Our expert technician will be able to determine what needs to be done next and provide you with a detailed, written estimate.
  2. We drill two small holes
    The small holes are created at either end of your sewer line that will be replaced later. Our cable is inserted and drawn through your line.  One end of the cable is has a pneumatic jack on its end, while the other attached to a large drill-shaped bursting head that will burst the pipe as it is fed through.
  3. New Pipe Inserted In Place Of Old Pipe
    The drill-type head is attached to a new pipe.  The bursting head is pulled through your damaged sewer line while it breaks apart the old pipe and pulls behind the new replacement pipe.

What Are The “Real” Benefits Of Pipe Bursting?

  • Limits Major Digging
    Trenchless sewer replacement uses only small access points and therefore prevents trenching in your yard. This method has real benefits by preventing large equipment in your neighborhood, on your driveway, in your yard, and helps to keep your neighbors friendly.
  • Less Effort on Our Part, More Money in Your Pocket
    Without the expense of excavation to you, the homeowner, you save money on cleanup or possible damage from heavy equipment. You don’t have to worry about that rose garden, that new lawn you planted last spring, or the nice porch, driveway, or walkway your concrete guy won’t have to come back and repair.
  • Our Seamless Pipe comes with a Lifetime Warranty
    The last thing you want is seams in your sewer lines as they can provide a single point of failure as they start to wear. Our seamless HDPE pipe can help prevent intrusive roots or misaligned joints from becoming a point of failure. Rest assured, you can be confident that your strong, seamless HDPE pipe comes with a lifetime warrant against defects.