Grand Ballroom

The beautiful Sacramento Grand Ballroom building was built in 1912. Formerly known as The D.O. Mills Bank Building, this historic building is located on the corner of 7th and J Street in downtown Sacramento, CA. We were able to help preserve a part of this historic building by using a Cure-In-Place liner in a drainage pipe that was leaking into the basement level of the building. The building had been renovated on several occasions but the original décor of the Bank has been preserved. By installing the Cure-In-Place liner through the existing drain line at the curb, we did not have to cut into the building’s granite or the ceilings.

Firehouse Restaurant

We were called out because the roof drain line, that was inside of the orignal brick on the front of the building that ran into the cobble stone street, was leaking into the electrial panel inside of the restaurant. We were able to Hydro jet the line and install a Cure-In-Place liner made by Perma liner industries. We did not have to disturb the brick work or the Cobble stone street. We shot a liner from the street all the way up through the drain line to the roof. The drain line is as good as new. This is just one of the many uses of the Cure-In-Place liner. We were able to fix the problem without disturbing the buildings structure. What a great system!