Trenchless CIPP Lining


Owner Ryan Petersen Explains Pipe Lining

Cure-In-Place pipe lining is a sewer lateral rehabilitation method. The system was developed for relining small diameter pipes in diameter range from 2″ – 3″ – 4″ – 5″ – 6″ – 7″ – 8″ – 12″. Most types of pipe can be relined with this method.

100% inversion method – which means 100% of the resin seals all joints and cracks in the old pipe. The inversion liner materials consist of two layers of flexible needled felt and one layer of our scrim reinforcement and a 2-part formulated epoxy resin. The outside of the tube is coated with a 2 mil thick Polyvinyl Chloride finish.

The impregnated liner tube is inverted using the proven Perma-Lateral air inversion unit. This system is a true inversion technique using compressed air. The resin impregnated liner is inverted (turned inside out) and pressed tightly against the host pipe until cured. The end result is a continuous liner with no joints and seamless from end to end. The cure time is about 4 hours. *Not a push pull system. Only one hole needed in most cases.

The ASTM F1216 specifications requires a minimum life expectancy of 50 years.

Perma-Lateral™ Advantages:

  • Formulated Epoxy Resins
  • Re-Line 22’s, 45’s & Sweeping 90’s
  • NSF Standard 14 Approved
  • Eliminate Root Intrusion
  • Bridge Missing Pipe Sections
  • Increase Flow Efficiency
  • Minimum Design Life 50 Years (Tested)
  • Patent Scrim Liner Materials
  • Non-Woven / No Stretch Liner
  • Single Point of Access for Lining
  • Seal Open Joints
  • Prevent Pipe Failure
  • Reline 4″ to 6″ Transitions
  • Stop Infiltration / Ex-Filtration
  • IAPMO Certified