Public Works Sewer Line Replacement

All sewer lines need to be replaced, even public works sewer line. Public works sewer line replacement is a term regarding the replacing of sewer lines. Public works are places where government official constructs public use of buildings. These places include schools, parks, bridges, hospitals, and other entities that improve the community. Sewer lines need to be carefully replaced in these areas.


The illustration below represents an actual Municipal City Park job completed by Express Plumbing. Here we UPSIZED A 365 FOOT, 4 INCH CAST IRON SEWER PIPE LINE TO A 6 INCH POLY PIPE! The new 6 inch poly pip was pulled through the existing 4 inch cast iron sewer line that was running through the park. The replacement line was installed by Express Plumbing in order to drain a new sewage ejection pump connected through a manhole 365 feet across the park. The park was full of oak trees and obstructions; digging was not allowed.

This job was completed in less than three days; the pipe bursting pull took less than a single day!