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We were recently able to help preserve one of the historic buldings located in Old Sacramento along the water front. This bulding was built in 1853 as a firehouse to house the fire chief and volunteer crew of Engine Company No. 3. In 1872, the Legislature made this company the States first paid fire department. In 1921, the building was abandoned for a larger facility, and was sold to a private party in 1923. The building went through several custodians and tenants until its purchase by Newton Cope in 1959. At that time, the once bustling waterfront area had deteriorated into a slum, which was scheduled for demolition to make way for construction of interstate 5 along the river. Concerned citizens heavily lobbied the State Department of Transportation and the freeway route was moved 1 1/2 blocks east to its present location, creating the National Historic District of Old Sacramento. Mr. Cope undertook a major facelift on the firehouse building, converting it into a small bar and restaurant reminiscent of the Gold Rush Era. This was the first building rnovation of the new Historic District.

The Firehouse was opened in 1960 and was the achievement of an elegant atmosphere complete with Victorian art and elaborate antiques. The restaurant was an immeditate success and has since attracted millions of patrons including governors, politicaiand, diplomats, sports and entertainment celebrities, international business people, tourists and locals/ As governor, Ronald Reagan held both of his inaugural dinners at the Firehouse.

At the present day the Firehouse is still a favorite for locals and tourists. Its a wonderful place for special occasions. The Firehouse has enhanced its reputatuion for excellence in food, wine and hospitality. The restaurant has recieved continued recognition over the years, including several recent awards: “Award of Excellence” from Wine Spectator magazine. Sacramento magazine readers voted the Firehouse for various dining awards, including “Best Wine List, Best Special Occasion, Best Outdoor Dining, and Best Old Favorite.

We were called out because the roof drain line, that was inside of the orignal brick on the front of the building that ran into the cobble stone street, was leaking into the electrial panel inside of the restaurant. We were able to Hydro jet the line and install a Cure-In-Place liner made by Perma liner industries. We did not have to disturb the brick work or the Cobble stone street. We shot a liner from the street all the way up through the drain line to the roof. The drain line is as good as new. This is just one of the many uses of the Cure-In-Place liner. We were able to fix the problem without disturbing the buildings structure. What a great system!

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